State of the Art

state of the art /ˌsteɪt əv ðɪ ˈɑːt/

phrase of state
the most recent stage in the development of a product, incorporating the newest ideas and features.

About us

St.Brand is a design and technology studio created with the ultimate purpose of making our clients offer their users a better visual and user experience.

We were born from the union of different creative and technical talented people, a fact that led to the creation of an extensive network of services that saves our clients time and money, avoiding the risk of jeopardizing brand quality by not having to hire multiple companies to perform all the services they need. This way, we act as a company that centralizes all the services involved in the same project.

The professionals in our team have over 8 years of experience, helping brands offer A better service, and an image that lives up to their ambitions. Each of them has worked with a wide variety of clients in their respective companies such as Hilton , Oblyon , La Liga , Vodafone , Mango , Barcelona Shopping Night or directed successful projects for clients and brands such as FC Barcelona , Staples Center (Los Angeles Lakers house) , Liceu de Barcelona , Seattle Sounders , AXS , SeatGeek, and many other Brands in the entertainment, sports and performing arts sector.

Embrace complexity

Our Method

Through research and strategy, we prepare a solid brand structure, that will truly reflect what your company's stands for. Defining all possible paths that will allow us to create a unique pleasant customer experience.

with development and design, we create the platform and empower it in each of its phases to reach your objectives. With a clear target, we create the experience, and expand it to reach the maximum number of people.

& The Art Business

The art world has been attached to St.Brand since this studio was created. The beauty and satisfaction that is felt when seeing a piece of art is the same that we strive to transmit with our way of working and with the final result of our projects.

We don't want to offer a service, we want to offer an experience, a place where you feel comfortable, achieve your goals and want to continue pursuing goals. If a user enjoys the experience they will stay, come back and want more.